Morgon is a senior-level sales producer and manager with a reputation as a closer. Competitors have said that "he has a secret way of determining what a customer needs and solving their concerns."

His true passion is to continue the growth of an organization and act as a catalyst in the development of new ventures. To achieve this, he has made it his mission to challenge and disrupt the status quo, think forward, and has put an edge on a proven, scalable process for improvement in revenue generation.

It is Morgon's hope that he can cultivate impactful and lasting relationships with people he meets. Whether you speak for a moment or delve into the last two decades of the greatest sport of all time, Baseball.

The time invested, working with customers, colleagues, and friends in an environment of collaboration, driving each other to greatness, and continuous learning is pretty darn awesome!

Morgon is high energy, tenacious, and truly fearless. He has one of the greatest sales skill sets Iā€™ve seen and his ability to work with clients of varying types and adapt to pressure situations sets him apart. - Nick Farris, Partner, MedCore